Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A sofa that was crying for help!

A sofa that was crying for help!So today I decided I wanted to try to clean my sofa because it was looking disgusting. I remember that in an episode of an HGTV show, the designer machine-washed two microfiber pillow covers. I wanted to give it a try, after all, the worst that could happen is that it would look clean and not so new... . Style is a choice, clean is not! So I went ahead and googled "wash microfiber covers". I read several comments from women that had excellent results and I got some excellent tips. So this is what I did:

1) Remove the cushion covers and in my case, the filling is just huge rectangles of heavy foam so I didn't have to put tit in bags but if you do have lose filling, put it in separate garbage bags so you know the exact amount that is supposed to go in each cushion.

2) Use regular soap but let it get all diluted in the water before you put the covers in. Fill to large so the covers have space to move around. I washed the first cushion cover in the gentle cycle but then did a load of darks and set the washer to regular wash and forgot to put in back to gentle cycle, so the last two cushion covers were washed in the regular cycle and came out looking great. Your choice!

3)Dry in the lowest heat setting and don't let the cushion covers dry all the way; you want them a tad damp. They will come out looking wrinkly or bubbly so what you need to do is put the filling back in right away so the covers will not lose their shape and so you don't have to iron them out later on.

Your result, or at least mine was a awesome looking couch! It saved me from having to buy a new sofa because I was embarrassed of what mine used to look like. Dear Lay-Z-Boy, I'm sorry for thinking that you needed to be replaced, we still love you!

What do you think?

Yeah, I know gross! This time, I can blame it on my kids! Do you see that huge stain? There were several of those everywhere, maybe not as big, but just as noticeable and all those crumbs are probably chip crumbs. No more eating on the couch!


My kids enjoying the newly cleaned sofa!

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  1. Sometimes I think I forget what a difference a little soap and water can make! I need to try it on my rug. ;-)
    I noticed on your profile that you are in engineering? What field? I am a chemical engineer by education, although I haven't done anything with it in...oh...forever!